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Stop Losing Money

Tired of getting blindsided by a client wanting to dissolve a position to put money in real estate and feeling self-serving when you tell them there are better options? How many calls have you gotten over the years from clients asking to liquidate positions from their portfolio to purchase real estate? Feeling like a fish out of water when a whale prospect comes into your office talking about commercial real estate and if he should invest with you? Every time markets are in turmoil your clients turn to their portfolio to liquidate positions costing your business management fees and opportunity. Tired of hearing, “I’m just going to pay off my house.”?

  • Stop losing AUM to real estate.
  • Don’t feel like a fish out of water with HNW real estate investors.
  • No more conflict of interest when you tell clients there’s a better way.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Write down how many clients of your practice withdraw money from their portfolio with you or their bank account each year. Next, average the amount of money taken out per client. Lastly, base the next assumption on your product mix, give the amount taken out a percentage that you’d likely earn if it was not taken out. Multiply the last and see what it’s costing you each year in real production. Ex: 10 clients take out $250,000 = $2,500,000 x 2% (average profit based on mix of commissions and fees) = $50,000 of revenue lost per year!

It Works

We recently worked with a tech CEO who wanted to pull as much cash as possible from his paid off rental portfolio to pay cash for an investment/vacation property. We asked why and he was sure he had come up with the best result for his net worth. After our analysis we showed him a cashflow neutral position on his rental properties resulted in about the same IRR as either maximizing or minimizing his leverage. He was shocked, but decided the cashflow neutral scenario was best for him. Of course, this wasn’t possible without also running a similar analysis for the purchase of the new property. We showed him three scenarios: First put all the proceeds from the rental properties in the new investment property, second put a smaller amount into the investment property and invest the difference with an advisor with an average 7% return and third put the minimum amount down on the investment property and invest the rest. He chose the Goldilocks option in the middle which resulted in a substantial referral to our investment partner and most importantly, the client was ecstatic with the safety, liquidity and plan he had in place for his family. This resulted in an eye-opening increase to his net worth over the analysis period and an ideal client for our investment partner. 

  • Proven revenue generating partnerships.
  • Ongoing revenue streams and analysis for your practice and clients.
  • Know in advance when your client is making a real estate transaction.

More Revenue, Better Clients, Transform Your Practice

The above is a common occurrence when we partner with financial professionals. There’s an entire side of your book of business that hasn’t been thoroughly tapped into. Your practice can become tremendously more profitable without marketing to one single client. Coordinate with client’s CPAs on real estate investments to expand referrals. New cash flows of residual income from accurate real estate analysis, lump sum investments from proper real estate investing, referrals from existing real estate investors that tell others you “get it” are real, tangible ways your practice will get to the next level.

  • Increase AUM.
  • Retain more clients.
  • Win HNW real estate investor prospects.

A Partner on Your Side

At Mission Pacific Mortgage we partner with you to increase your revenue without changing the way you currently do business. With over 22 years in the mortgage and banking industry and over 16 years of experience financial planning we understand how to add value to your practice. You know your practice, and MMAP enhances what you’re already doing. Outsourcing your real estate analysis gives you more time to spend with your family, having fun or generating new business. Our partnership, and implementing MMAP will get you more clients, more revenue and less withdrawals at no cost to you.

  • Mortgage Management & Analysis Program (MMAP).
  • We manage the liability side of your client’s balance sheet.
  • 16 years of financial planning experience and 22 years of mortgage experience.
  • No cost to your practice.

Make It Happen

At this point you can do what you’ve always done and get what you already have, or you can choose to take the road less traveled. The path of least resistance won’t require any change or additional effort and will result in the same outcomes you’re used to receiving. But if you want more revenue and confidence in your practice, you’re going to have to add something different. Make a choice and pursue the practice you want. Click the button below, put in your contact information and we’ll get back to you immediately. 

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P.S. - Stop losing AUM to real estate, stop feeling tired of telling clients there are better ways to invest in real estate than liquidating their portfolio – even though the numbers don’t lie. Add Mission Pacific Mortgage and MMAP into your practice. With over 16 years of financial planning experience and over 22 years of Mortgage industry experience our partnership will bring your practice where you want it to go – all at no cost to you. Click below.

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